Emission Testing
7:30 am – 12:00 am Monday to Friday
Ontario’s Drive Clean

Tubby’s Truck and Trailer is an accredited Ontario Drive Clean heavy duty diesel emission test facility. We have multiple certified heavy duty vehicle emission test inspectors on staff for both day and night. This allows us the ability to preform diesel emission tests on your individual or fleet of trucks, buses, cube vans, or heavy duty pickups at any time day or night from Monday to Friday. With Tubby’s Truck and Trailer being a 24 hour full service truck repair facility we are able to quickly diagnose and repair your diesel engine’s emission systems in the event your heavy duty vehicle fails an emission test or a pre emission inspection.   

With all the emission systems in place on today’s diesel cars and trucks it is very unlikely that your vehicle would even allow operation at the time of an e-test to cause a failed emission test.  What is more likely to occur when you have your vehicle emission tested is it fails to reach an opacity result of 20 per cent or less. An opacity result above 20 per cent will result in your vehicle not qualifying to skip the next model year’s emission test. A partially restricted air filter or fuel filter is a couple of the biggest causes of a higher opacity reading.  It is a good practice to preform regular engine maintenance on your vehicle to insure the most efficient operation of your diesel engine. A more efficient engine produces less emissions and burns less fuel. We recommend that you schedule your vehicle in for a full service just before your emission test to make sure diesel engine will meet the 20 per cent or less opacity result during your test.

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